Our time at HuShu school was fun filled! We were asked to perform 3 different performances during one of their carnivals. Shun Yu did a solo performance on the piano, we sang and acted out a Singapore song (Singapore Town) and we danced the Mass Dance (Orientation – Lucky Strike by Maroon 5). We also set up 2 carnival booths, one that took Polaroid pictures, and the other that made water coloured butterflies. I think the kids really loved it. They seem to appreciate every small thing we do. Sadly I can not show the raw emotions on their faces because we need to protect the privacy of the kids :/ but I hope these pictures will do!

Shun Yu practicing before her solo on stage
the pre-setup of the photo and colour booth for the carnival
All hard at work
An interactive booth where the kids could draw anything on a piece of filter paper. We’ll then dip it into water and it’ll produce a colourful pattern for them to bring home
Ling holding the final product of the colour booth
The kids really enjoyed the photo booth!
A parent looking at a Polaroid picture of her son. The parents really enjoyed the carnival as well!
One of the teachers of the school deciding which props would go well with her in the photo

Now introducing the Temasek Foundation LEaRN members!

Sab and Suha
Zhan Hao
Shun Yu
Me goofing around with one of the kids
Zhan Hao
We took many Polaroids for us to bring back as awesome memories of this group
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