Children’s Day! I have no idea why do they celebrate it on the 31st May. Maybe they did tell us the reason but I certainly forgot about it. As usual, some photos to lighten up your day.

Random Fruits with Shuttercock for you. HAHAHHA.

More cute photos.

The baby is the cutest thing on earth. I wish we could celebrate Children’s Day once again, other than half-day of school, we get a celebration and free food. What gets better than that. Anyway the game was not easy to complete, the goal is just to get to the other side without touching any of the strings. I failed it three times, report me please.

PS: The girl is not from SUTD, some ZJU Volunteer who communicates better than me.

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Hi, I am Marvin, currently a fresh-no-more entering ESD. TFI was an option to all of us upon application for ALP, 10 was selected among the rest. I believe to fully experience the culture, to understand their lifestyle and to gain something extra out of this trip in China, we have to expose ourselves and be open to learn and see new things. The importance of giving back to society is essential to us, to remind us not to take for granted what we were blessed with.


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