Past Iterations

The week was a busy one with the final submission of the Design Thinking and Expression course coming up! The project required us to create an origami that takes inspiration from the movement of animals, also allowing the origami robot to move through the use of motors attached to it. For my group, our idea was to mimic the movement of a frog and it took us many iterations of folding and experimenting with different shapes before we came up with our final design.

After several consultations with the professor, he pushed us to come up with a simplified design of the frog which could be created with a single piece of paper without overlapping folds.

Laser cutter @ Yu Quan Campus

I also got to visit the Yu Quan campus as we went down to laser cut out our final design!

Assembly of origami robot
Final Design

We ended the week with an exhibition of our origami robots and a presentation of the product. This was definitely an interesting course. That concludes our Design Thinking and Expression course!

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