Visited Hushu School on Monday for the interest group activities in the afternoon. But turns out many students were involved in rehearsing for a performance so a couple of interest groups got cancelled. Me and Alethea couldn’t go back to the basketball group that we helped out at previously so we dropped by the drawing class instead.

The class was on drawing flower pots so the teacher encouraged the children to draw designs on the pots and colour the flowers. I interacted with more students in the older grades in the past few classes i went to and the drawing class was the first time I got to interact with some of the younger students there. SO CUTE~ one of the boys made his own cut up figures and had an action-packed movie showing live. Got to teach another to call us 姐姐 and not 阿姨

Had a theme excursion to Lingyinsi 灵隐寺 on Friday. The assignment was for us to study the the temple, take photos and some sketches to come up with the side cross-section plan of the temple.

There are many other attractions other than the main Lingyin temple. You pay once to enter the attraction, another time to enter the actual Lingyin temple. To get to the temples at the top a separate entrance fee is needed. I had heard from others that there were a lot of steps to climb to reach to top but we were short of time didn’t do any climbing at all.

Walking across the rocks was really cool.

The next stop was the tea museum. Saw the tea plantations and learn of the history, types of tea and tea-making processes in the museum.


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I enjoy spending my free time sketching, doodling with music playing in the background, and occasionally some handicraft to try making something new each time. I love travelling as well, as I get to observe and experience the culture and meet people from the different parts of the world. And of course, not forgetting to try the local cuisine that we wouldn't find back home.


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