We decided to go 西塘 one day before actually waking up at 5AM to take a bus to the coach station and another 2 hour journey there. Welcome to life of an ALP student, flexible schedule = any time just go. So Xitang is considered a watertown and I will let the pictures be the prove of that.

Beautiful isn’t it. Despite it looking so small, it was very very very crowded with not “tourist” but China citizens. I am being nice. Well it was just sight-seeing and appreciating it.

Craziest thing was, the next morning we decided not to go to 乌镇 which was another water city because one of our friend already been there and told us it looks the same so…..we went to the coach station and see what was the destination of the next bus departing and nice enough, 苏州. Say no more, we just bought tickets and went up the bus. And yet another journey of city and sight-seeing.

We scammed the admission tickets by getting student prices despite them usually not considered exchange students as “students”. Weird, I know. Some famous museum/garden.

The end of another crazy trip. Impromptu is the best~

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