It is not a dream town, it is a design center.

LiangZhu Dream Town

I am just going to put a few photos of whats here and there~ pretty cool and cute stuff.

Talk about upgrading your bike: Badass level.

This is their workplace by the way, cool enough if you ask me.

Ending it off with a fake kitty. Life is so far so chill, all is good.

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Hi, I am Marvin, currently a fresh-no-more entering ESD. TFI was an option to all of us upon application for ALP, 10 was selected among the rest. I believe to fully experience the culture, to understand their lifestyle and to gain something extra out of this trip in China, we have to expose ourselves and be open to learn and see new things. The importance of giving back to society is essential to us, to remind us not to take for granted what we were blessed with.


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