We went back to Shanghai, this time not for frisbee but for fun, peace, laughter and joy.

Meet the good men, plus a few others.

This involves Regan taking a photo of me taking a photo of Shao taking a photo of the train. What were we even doing with our lives.

It was raining throughout the day, not that its bad since it was rather cooling but there goes our night view~

Some random Taiwan shop we went. Politics or not, food is always important, glad they have one here.

This is Disneyland which we each paid about 60++ SGD to enter, totally not worth it. Estimated time spent in a queue: 10+ hours. Estimated time spent enjoying a ride: 20 minutes. Don’t do it people, just don’t do it.

This ride is called SoaringSkies or something like that and that smile on their faces weren’t there at the end of the ride. Queue time: 3 hours, Ride time: 3mins, Enjoyment time: -9001.

That place is pure pain, unless you have 10 hours of movie worth watching while waiting, do not waste your money, time and effort. Trip is good, waiting is not.

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