This week, we joinedthe bamboo craftsmanship cultural experience. we went to the rural area and live there for three days. The uncle and auntieare really nice and hospitable. Uncle tought us how to make a bamboo basket and auntie cooked for us. The traditional hangzhou dishes auntie cooked are super nice though we ate the same kind of food every lunch and dinner.  The first day we just chose what two make since there were two options provided, one was easier while The other one was much harder. we were splitted into two groups at first and planned to do The two at the same time. However, after The first afternoon making the base of the basket, all of us felt it is too hard too make the basket then Uncle said never mind we just made the easier one first. we got up at very early in the second morning and climbed the mountain tgt with Uncle. On the  way to The bamboo area, all of us climb up a hugh rock and take our first group photo there.  we also cut two bamboo with the help of uncle. we almost spent all of the three days making the basket and finally we successfully made it before we left. it was really funand it is also one of the most unforgettable experience for me of ALP.

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