Hello! I’m Marianne and I’ll be sharing about the 4th week in this incredible journey so far! When my friends first heard I’d be going to China for exchange, most of them were skeptical because I was not venturing to a far away land filled with angmohs! However contrary to popular belief, China ain’t all that bad and these past 4 weeks have opened my eyes to how truly amazing China is.

Earlier in the week, the China Academy of Art held their graduation exhibition, so my friends and I decided to get off our lazy bums to pay the exhibitions a visit. On Monday we went to the Nan Shan campus where most of the artsy stuff was on display. I was truly blown away by the level of talent that the art students here displayed, with intricate sculptures and paintings that looked like they were done by professionals!

On Tuesday we paid a visit to their other campus at Xiang Shan, this was filled with architecture models with the campus itself being an architectural site, designed by Wang Shu. Here are some of their awesome works!

Dont really think that this was the main focus of the gigantic structure that this was part of but it caught my attention
A really interesting structure made of bamboo, which looks pretty damn cool and trippy from this angle

For lesson this week, 光明老师  brought us deeper into the design of patterns, critically analysing our homework and adding more value to them. We spent the morning discussing the different types of pattern compilation, such as tiling as well as combining multiple patterns to form a bigger picture. We learnt that patterning is not simply just joining pretty pictures together, it needs to have a story and meaning behind it… deep right? I know, every lesson with 光明老师 seems to always have a lesson on the deeper meanings of life. He also taught us about colour and how it adds to design, pretty colours everywhere!

Later in the week, my friends and I decided to catch X-men Apocalypse! Surprisingly the cinema was only showing the movie in 3D, but AMAZING CHINA BECAUSE…  by paying with our student card, we got tickets to a 3D movie at just 30RMB = 6SGD !?!?!

One of the most interesting things I witnessed this week was when my friends and I were walking around campus trying to find the Summerbash event, which we couldn’t find and ended up returning to our air-conditioned rooms to chill. There was a man who was training baby swans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was shouting “1! 2! 1! 2!” in chinese and clapping and the babies were following him around. They. Were. ADORABLE.


Finally I conclude that the biggest reason that China is amazing is because of the… FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Sadly I only have one picture because I ate everything up before I could take any.

Frozen mango yoghurt slices nomnomnom

And so the amazing Chinaventure continues!

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Team members: Chang Chee Kin, Jeremy / Ching Su Ying, Marianne / Ho Hui Qi / Hun Ming Kwang / Low Ming Hui, Rachel / Melissa Mak Li Ping / Nur Amalina Binte Md Halim / Samantha Lim Shou En / Tay Ming En An exploratory journey that uncovers the essence of Chinese culture, which is deeply imbued within bamboo craftsmanship. Through analysing distinctly Chinese traditions and cultural symbols, we derive the lifestyle demands of the Chinese folks and the monumental importance of these traditions and symbols in Chinese life. Through first-hand interaction with traditional bamboo craftsmen and learning the art of bamboo crafting, we gain a deeper understanding of bamboo as a material itself and the many possibilities for the usage of it in industrial design. This amalgamation of knowledge enables us to redirect the skills of the bamboo craftsmen, to rethink the boundaries of bamboo products and to reinvent them into practical lifestyle choices that suit the needs and desires of current and future generations.


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