Man-bags, some guys revile it, but there are many who are still unable to complete their outfit with them. I am no sexist, but we all know women experience this all the time that it has become an unsaid today. Well then, the next question would be – where do you get the highest quality of clothing with the most economical price then? In China, your solution is Taobao and Taobao, if you have the intention to manage your finances while shopping for your greatest desires.



With prices for a decent murse hitting the high 3 to 4-figure range for a Gucci Suit, Coach Bags, or the renowned Blackberry, or rather I mean Burberry, your other option is then left with high street brands that are uncomfortably and terribly pricey for their design and quality. I have an eyes for good design, for the right price that I can put down, knowing that I got something out from it the most. To be able to do that, I have come to realise that there are techniques that any individuals can learn and apply to get such GREAT values. So I’ll share with you the BIG and SWEET 5 that have its roots 10 years back will get you straight down to the sweetest spot on the G-spot (No, not the dirty G-spot you are thinking in your head right now. In the past, G-market was the bomb. Today, it is Taobao.).



The pieces on Taobao featured range anywhere from SGD10 to above SGD 100. So if you are feeling a little lucky today, you can consider splashing out a little more for something of a little more luxe, and of course as I mentioned, HIGH QUALITIES, GREAT DESIGNS, GOOD PRICES, GOOD BARGAINS. (P.S: This is not only application to clothing, bags, but anything and almost everything you can find in Taobao, like furniture, daily products, and even fruits, just to name a few.)



  1. Source for the cheapest alternatives of the product you want to get

DO NOT, I repeat, do not make the same mistake that I did when I first used on Taobao. DO NOT buy the first thing that caught your eyes. DO NOT, really, do not. I can’t emphasize that. There are thousands and I meant it when I said thousands of the same similar designs you can find on Taobao, even the exact piece. And these pieces can cost 5 BLOODY TIMES cheaper than the one you first saw and found. In Taobao, once you saved the product inside, there is a feature where you can search for all the alternatives or similar products like. With just a click, I rest assured you that you will find at least a thousand of the similar product, without fail.




  1. Talk to the buyer – Build Rapport. Make them your best friend. Ask them for their advices.

As you have understood, always remember to talk to the buyer before any purchase. That is very important. Sometimes, it can take you 3 days to receive your goods. For some, it can take a lifetime, and the goods are still not in your hands yet. The sellers are like any of us humans, and for some of them, they must have really hated technology to the point that they do not check their messages (point of communication between sellers and buyers). So remember, always talk to them, always.




  1. Negotiate for LOBANGS

Lately, I purchased the leather bag that caught my eyes and that I anticipated over the last 3 months. That was hardcore of delaying gratification. But long story short, I negotiated with the buyer after building rapport with them. What I got out in the end was for the price of leather bag, they gave me 3 bottles of oil that is required to maintain leathers that is of 40 yuan each and a customized wallet is on shell in their shop. It was quite a kill. I had my fun out from the process of course.





Every single day, there is a daily sale that is going on and all it takes is a click at the front page. Go in and have a look before you purchase anything for you may just end up regretting what you just did. My deepest consodolences to you then.




  1. Leverage on refunds

Anything you are unsatisfied with, from the product, to the customer service and how the point of contact abused you via their communications, you can always leverage on the refunds. What is unique about Taobao is that you can call for full refund for any products if you don’t like any of that. Greatest leverage and differentiation about this platform. And that refund also include the delivery fees back to them.




Last but not least, I have to say this. Taobao is also a matter of how quick and responsive you are. If you are fast, not only are you able to negotiate and seal the best deals in that very moment of your life that you can ever get in your life, you are also able to make a friend for life.


When you are slow, sometimes that particularly shirt you really wanted, without knowing, is gone for real good.


Sometimes, it is better to be fast than slow in life, intelligently of course.


~ Ming Kwang

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