Go Bears! First Adventure at UC Berkeley, Hiking Grizzly Peak with our “friends” from Stanford.

Fig 1

First week in Berkeley! Can’t believe that we are finally here. The weather took us by surprise. We thought that it would be warmer since it is summer.

Fig 2

In the midst of settling down, we felt that we should start exploring the beautiful nature that surrounds Berkeley, unlike Stanford ;). There were more than 10 of us who went to Grizzly Peak. Unfortunately, some of us (including me) got separated from the rest of the group (Refer to Fig.2) because we were too busy taking these photos so that we can share this experience with you as well 🙂

Fig 3

On our way to the top, we got sidetracked many times as we met many friendly locals in the area and stopped for a “quick” chat with them. There were a lot of people walking their dogs and it was too irresistible for us to stop from petting them and taking photos with them 🙂

Fig 4


In the end, the two groups ended up on different peaks, but it all worked out as we got to take pics of both the great views. So here it is, enjoy the beautiful pics !!

Until next time friends 🙂

Signing off…

The Best Group in Berkeley (or should I say California…)


The Lone Group




The Main Group


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