Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge is almost the most famous landmark in San Francisco. It is across the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. It used to be the largest suspension bridge in the world. Its body is famous in international orange. Sometimes the fog will surround the bridge with only top of the bridge visible.

In fact, since the bridge is too attractive, during a bright day, we can even recognize it at Berkeley I-House. If we stand on the top of the hill behind Berkeley during the night, we can also see the light on the bridge tower.

The way to the Golden Gate Bridge
Strong wnid

We took a taxi to Battery Spencer, it is on a hill next to the bridge. When we stood on it, the wind is extremely strong and the weather is very cold. I even felt I will be blown into the water. If you will visit it in the future, must wear a warm jacket even in August.

This is also the greatest place to capture the whole view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We could not help to walk down the hill or we would catch a cold. The Pacific Ocean is too great, too deep, the wave washed against shore from beginning to endless.

Now we came to the start of the bridge. The car passed through the linking continuously made the sounds and shaking. It shows the busy traffic of San Francisco.
You could also see seagull.


When you walk down to the tower, you would really feel how large the bridge is.

The walking path on the Golden Gate Bridge

Every day, more than 100000 cars pass through the bridge. This bridge is just like a star, no matter in the Hollywood movies or in a visitor’s eyes.




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