Required textbook for Economics

Apart from cs61bl, Econs should be another popular course for SUTDents in Berkeley. During the 8 weeks, we need to finish reading a book called Principle of Economics written by Frank and Bernanke which covers the basic knowledges of both microeconomics and macroeconomics. The whole book is around 800 pages, so it is a tough process. We need to read four chapters per week.

There were two lectures and two discussion sessions a week. The lecture is interesting, and the professor is a humorous man. He required us to read the Wall Street Journal and find some big news from it. He would always discuss about the latest news at the beginning of the lecture. After that, two presentation groups would give their presentations regarding to the chapters required in that week. Every student must join a group of six or seven people to prepare a presentation for a specific chapter.

Most time of the discussion sessions were used to practice the example questions. The instructor would choose some case problems from the book and discuss the solutions. It was very useful, for it can clear your confusions and correct your misunderstandings so that you can have a better performance in the exam.

Throughout the course, I learned a lot from it. It was a fantastic learning experience.

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