The nightlife here in the states is something you do not want to miss out on in your youth. Even for non-clubgoers, I believe this will be the best chance to get your first taste of party life. 

The most well-known place for partying in Berkeley is KIP’S Bar and Grill. They are open every day of the week except Mondays based on experience. Thursday is the most popular and crowded day as it is college night where students can enter for free before 10 pm with entries after 10 pm only being 10 USD. The standard entry fee for other days of the week ranges from 15-20USD. Try to go on Thursdays as the music on other days are not as good.

Location: 2439 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704


Do note that this club, along with many others, has an age requirement of 21 and above to enter. If you’re still under 21, fret not as there are other options in the San Francisco area for the adventurous. 

Location: 2565 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110


Arena SF was one of the 18+ clubs we went to in San Francisco. The uber ride there can be pretty costly, ranging from 40-60USD so find other partygoers to tank the cost! The entry fee is also around 20 USD but you only live once.


The club design was aesthetically pleasing but the layout was a little smaller than expected. The music was alright but just slightly falls short of KIP’S College Night set. 

Location: 715 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94107


The other 18+ San Francisco club we went to was ClubX. The entry fee is only 5 USD before 10 pm and 20 USD afterward. If you intend to enter by 10 pm, you MUST reach before 930pm! We reached late around 1220am and only entered at 1 am. The music was generally better than SF Arena and KIP’S, with the more well-known songs being played in the first half of the night so do come earlier and not make the same mistake as us. Unfortunately, we do not have any photos from the inside as we were having too much fun!

Location: 2438 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704


If the loud music and flashing lights are not for you, there are still other options to enjoy a chill and wholesome night with your friends. The most well-known and popular food and bar place is called Raleigh’s Pub. They serve good food with a large selection of alcoholic beverages including house-poured beers and delicious cocktails. They also have a beautiful open-air dining area that sets the tone for a dreamy night. 

Meals are extremely expensive in the US so if you’re looking to maximise the value of your spending, DO NOT miss out on Taco Tuesdays! You cannot go wrong with 2 USD tacos and 6 USD tequilas. Do take note that the promotion ends at 7 pm sharp so come earlier for dinner! Beers and whiskeys will still be at a discounted price for the entire night so take your time with the drinks otherwise, you might end up like him below.

In sum, do not miss out on the nightlife here in Berkeley as you are only young once. Have fun and stay safe!

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