The largest transition from SUTD to UC Berkeley was that we needed to allocate time to walk from one class to another as the campus is so large. It took me 20 minutes to walk from I-house to my class. However, there are a lot of interesting sites on campus. Check it out below !

Grizzly Peak

In the first week, we hiked the Grizzly Peak with our friends from Stanford who visited us before their session starts in the following week. We also met a new friend from Hong Kong. We did not manage to catch the sunset but the view from the peak looks amazing especially after more than 2 hours of hike up the hill.

Sather GateThe Campanile

It is the university’s most recognizable symbol. It is the third-tallest bell-and-clock-tower in the world.

Soda Hall.

All of our group members took classes here since we are all taking computer science courses. It is quite interesting that we actually enter the hall from the third floor instead of first floor. This is quite a common thing on campus so we always need to take note of which floor we enter. If you really can’t remember, just follow the stars on the lift button.

The bear is like the icon of the university. You can see it everywhere on campus !

Sproul Hall. This is the administration hall.

Overall, the campus is huge compared to SUTD campus. However, it is not common to take a bike as there are a lot of road going up hill. In fact, one of the Berkeley students actually told me that she will take the uber from one hall to another.


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