Week 3 has been packed with work, we had our first Psychology midterm and other submissions for our other modules so we definitely needed some time off.

Over the weekend, we went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom with International House. We only managed to spend about 5 hours there but we got to take many rides. Our favorite rides were the Joker and the Dare Devil Chaos Coaster, they were the rides we were expecting the least from but ended up being GREAT! For those who enjoy the thrill of roller coasters, Six Flags (any of them) is a must go.

 The Dare Devil Chaos Coaster

 Us at Six Flags together!

On Sunday we went out to IMM Thai Street Food for dinner (great for the Asian food cravings). Afterwards we decided to hike up to Big C after dinner. The walk up was steep and made us really work up a sweat but the view of Berkeley and San Francisco from up there was really beautiful. We will definitely be going up again to explore other areas of the hill.

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