Happening happening happening Week 4!!! From the daredevils of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom all the way south to ODEZSA’s concert in Palo Alto, this week was filled through and through!! This is Chin Hong from Group 2 and let me bring you through my week here in San Francisco!

Week 4 was a adrenaline rush as I had dance practice on Tuesday night, followed by an Economics midterm on Wednesday noon, a presentation on Thursday morning and to top it off a concert to catch in the same evening. This does not include the weekend, where we screamed at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and explored Chinatown District with a cup of boba (we don’t call it bubble tea here) in our hands.

Finishing the presentation class early on Thursday morning, I headed to Sather Tower, also known as the Campanile and is the third-tallest bell and clock-tower in the world. Admission is free for Berkeley students and there is a lift that takes you to the top. The top level is so high I could see 360-degree views of Berkeley and even catch a faint glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge in downtown San Francisco.

View from Sather Tower

After taking a breath of fresh air, I packed my travel bag and headed down to Palo Alto via BART and Caltrain (took about 2 hours) to catch ODEZSA’s concert (my favourite music duo – they do instrumental EDM which is so sick!) at the Frost Amphitheatre in Stanford University. The concert was really breathtaking and the best part is that the festival crowd here truly enjoys ODEZSA’s music as much as I do! Lucky me that I have some friends in Stanford so I stayed over in their residence hall as it was too late at night to head back to Berkeley.


The next morning, my friends brought me around Stanford University and Palo Alto. The environment in Stanford is very different from that in Berkeley – the campus is very well-maintained and the dominant architectural model is the Romanesque style, with its enclosed courtyards, archways and red tile roofs. UC Berkeley in contrast is like a modern city, with eateries and bustling roads surrounding the campus.

In Stanford University’s Main Quad
View from Hoover Tower

I started to make my way back to Berkeley in the evening (it is not very safe to travel alone when it gets dark here) to sleep early for the next big day – SIX FLAGS!!!

A few of us went on a Six Flags Discovery Kingdom tour organised by our residence hall International House (they have greatgreat discounts for many attractions) the next morning to satisfy our cravings for rollercoasters. Six Flags is so much bigger than Universal Studios Singapore and the rides are way more thrilling. A particularly thrilling one is called the Daredevil – it’s a simple loop yet the most scary one as it goes back and forth (similar to a Viking) but added with 5 seconds of being completely upside down and we were lifted off our seats, only resting against the safety harness!! There is also a DC Comics section with rides like Joker, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman etc.

The Daredevil Loop
Wonder Woman
Part of The Flash

To end off the week, we visited the Chinatown District in San Francisco – one of the oldest and most established Chinatowns in the US and had an amazing All-You-Can-Eat for $7.99 dinner at a Hong Kong Dim Sum eatery. A meal in San Francisco usually cost at least USD 12 and above after taxes (it’s really expensive living here) hence this was a really cheap find!

The Dragon’s Gate
All-You-Can-Eat for $7.99

That’s all from me!! I absolutely love it here and I don’t want to return to Singapore haha!

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