So about a week ago, Amazon had it’s Prime Day sales.
For many who do not know, as students in the States, we are entitled to a 6 month free trial of Amazon Prime, which is a premium service of Amazon that gives us free shipping and allow us to get quicker deliveries. Amazon also have sales that are meant only for Prime members as well, and the one that recently passed is Prime Day!

Prime Day official started on 11th July here, but on the day before, at 6pm, deals started rolling out. Items ranging from cheap sports tapes, yoga mats, to bags, clothes, as well as electronics were on sale.

Our group had people who were constantly updated with the deals and they informed us about it regularly.
How cheap were the items? An earphone that cost 500 dollars in SG cost like 200 here. Razer mouse was at 40 dollars. Adidas and Herschel had 30% discount… which explains. why this happened.. (refer to photo below)

That was only A PART of the loot that we got HAHAHA. One of us even bought an extra luggage to bring the loot back because many of us only brought one bag here.

It was a really fun day of telling each other to buy stuff, convincing each other why we should buy certain things HAHA. Hopefully, another of this sales will come again, and other items will be on sale (not everything was on sale this time)

Cheers! See you real soon in the next post!

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