It was a sunny Saturday afternoon when we arrived in Hangzhou. The weather was cooling, amidst the clear skies and rays that shone from high above. Summer was approaching in about a weeks’ time and we had to treasure the cool breeze that Spring provided. We had to settle administrative matters in the first few days of ALP, such as getting our phone cards and bank accounts set up.

I was excited to explore the city. The food here is great, though I’ve not had the guts (pun intended) to try out the various sizzling treats dished out in street stalls.

Under the TFI Programme, we visited the Hu Shu Special School and had the chance to interact with students that had mental disabilities. It was an eye-opening experience and the students were friendly and nice. We then made an arrangement to help out for their Annual Sports Day next week!

We also met the TAs for our Theme, and they brought us around to explore the beautiful ZJU Campus. The first week in China passed in a jiffy and I’m excited for what’s to come ahead!

Visiting the Hu Shu Special School
This Grandma was picking up her grandchild in a very cute vehicle.
The ZJU campus is filled with wonderful greenery
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