Its week 9!

This week, we went on a 4 day 3 nights pottery workshop in Jingdezhen, at a pottery shop/bed and breakfast situated right beside a river and train station. There, we learnt how to paint, sculpt and spinning works of clay. It was a incredibly fun and relaxing experience. I enjoyed the hours i spent trying to make a successful clay bowl, of which, its way way harder than it seems. It was only until my 15th try did i finally make something that i was satisfied with. Making pottery is hard. Too much water, and the clay turns to mush. Too little water, the clay sticks to your hand and the whole thing flies off the wheel. It is no wonder why people pay tons for the specialized craftsmanship of expert potters. The experience reaffirmed my deep respect for craftsman and the value of traditional craftsmanship.

Besides making pottery, we were taught how to paint vases and how to draw traditional flower and bamboo paintings. I had a lot of fun in this exercise.  It is rare that i have such opportunities in Singapore, and I thus I was really happy to be able to paint on the vase and try something new. I decided to challenge myself as well. Instead of painting something that was easy, I tried to replicate traditional goldfish paintings, of which, i was not even well versed in doing. although I made many mistakes and had to carve away some portions of it, in the end, I was rather proud of my creation.

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