First two weeks in Stanford has widened my perspectives, of people, culture, nature and technology.  While many of my friends were busy were busy exploring far-away attractions like Yosemite and San Francisco, I decided to embark on a deep exploration of Stanford University this weekend (while playing Pokemon Go). On my journey to catch them all, I stumbled upon many interesting, yet perhaps not so well-known places in Stanford University:

1) David Rumsey Map Center

Honestly speaking, I am not really interested in maps, but the technology being used here really amazed me. In particular, Google Earth VR, which allow you to ‘fly’ and explore anywhere on Earth.

2) Sculpture Garden

Ah, the sculpture garden, really creeps me out when I walked through there while trying to take down a gym yesterday night. That journey was really cool, and cool.

3) Lake Lagunita

(before it dried up)
(current state)

I was wondering why was our canteen called Lakeside dining while I can’t find any lake around, until I stumbled upon this giant plain on my way back, and it took me quite a while to realize that it is actually the dried up Lake Lagunita! We just had a BBQ party over there earlier tonight.

These are just a fraction of the cool places I visited today, and of course there are cooler places out there, such as the Green library, which has air-conditioning. I am saving them for my next blog post just in case I run out of idea later.

Thanks for reading!

by Yuet


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