After much anticipation, we have finally arrived at Zhejiang University!

Two ZJU students, Xue Er and Yi Cheng (leftmost in the photo above), gave us a campus tour around Zijingang Campus, which is where we are staying and having lessons for the next three months.

We visited the garden located within the campus, which was a refreshing experience. We spent some time getting to know each other by playing some icebreaker games. Here’s to the start of our budding friendships!

Later in the week, we had an exhibition by the team led by our Theme Mentor Chen Wei. Teaching Assistant Huang Jia Dong (above), gave us an overview of how data analysis and visualisation is used in the field of weather and climate monitoring. He then gave a demonstration of an application, which displays the data in an elegant manner, which was designed by their team. We were amazed, and excited, as this will be the team that will be working with us for the our project. There will be so much to learn from them!

Then, one of the PhD Research student, Shao You, introduced us to the project we will be embarking on! Basically, we will be creating a phone application which can display information of people, and objects, via Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. While it may seem daunting at first, since this is a new field that most of us are unfamiliar with, I am confident that, with our tenacity and desire to do well, coupled with the expertise of the ZJU team, we will ultimately reach our goal!

This will be the start of our group’s journey, where learning opportunities are waiting to be grasped, where relationships (friendship) are waiting to be forged, and where dreams do come true. (:

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