Two weeks went by in a flash and we are already into Week 3 of ALP!

Before we share more on what our Theme went through, here’s a little preview of what you may expect from the lessons provided by ZJU. Apart from our own theme lessons, we have general lessons that everyone across different themes attend. This year, the lessons are centered around Origami Robots – where we learn how to incorporate mechanics (through Arduino  and motors) to actuate paper robots with different, unique structures. It is really interesting to bring technological and traditional elements together, making this a really amazing design experience.

Boom. Just when you thought you would not be coding anymore since you will not be going to ISTD. Nonetheless,  lamenting over it, why not take the opportunity and learn to the best of your ability during this trip?  After all, this is what we have all signed up for when we chose ALP! In order to be adequately prepared for our Theme Project, we are tasked to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript. It may be difficult to pick up at first, but with the guidance and help of the seniors, this task became much more enjoyable. What’s better than being able to code with one language (Python)? Being able to code with four languages!

Before ending off the post, here are some pictures of food that you will be able to enjoy should you have the opportunity to come for ALP!

(Tender, juicy lamb-off-the-bone)
(Sweet, creamy waffles dressed with fruits)
(Omelette rice in mushroom sauce served with corn soup, pickles, salad and custard dessert)


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