It’s Week 5 and we are almost halfway through our ALP journey!

This week, ZJU has planned industrial visits for us. Personally, I have chosen Yuhang Design Library. This is a place where designers from different parts of the globe come together and work on a new project based on a specific theme. One of the years, the chosen theme was bamboo, and the designers had to come up with a design incorporating bamboo. It is interesting to see how modern designers infuse their products with traditional elements such as bamboo.

The Design Library has a chill and quiet vibe to it, making it a conducive workplace for the people who are working there.

As usual, we have our weekly theme lesson to learn more about coding. Our TA told us that we will be starting to develop our prototype soon! So keep your eyes peeled for our project!

And now, more on my adventures here in China!

Affordable and sumptuous Japanese food for less than $20 per pax!

Scenic picture taken at Xitang, an ancient Water Town of China. Generally quite peaceful and relaxing place, though it may be crowded with tourists in the morning.


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