Week 3 – First presentation!

Its the third week here in China, and of course it’s not just all play for this trip! We had our first presentation of this program where we showcased our first attempts in making origami robots. After the presentation, we



Lots of FOOODD!!!

Food here is really great, so if you are a food lover like me, you will definitely enjoy your time here. I personally really enjoy Chinese food and spice. Back in Singapore, food like mala and 重庆烤鱼, etc are all quite expensive. But here in China…. you can get all these food at affordable prices!!! For this meal, we tried their spicy grilled fish, 麻婆豆腐, some barbecued meats, fried potato slices, etc. Sorry for the lack of pictures as I was really too hungry and just dived in to this scrumptious meal of ours. I managed to take a picture of the fish though ^^, doesn’t it look amazing??? But the best thing about it is seriously the price though. This meal cost only about 13 SGD per person after splitting the bill, which is like so worth for this scrumptious and filling meal!


Climbing up 宝石山 to see the sunrise

Sooo one day, someone just suddenly asked on the group chat if anyone wanted to go see the sunrise the next day. And all of a sudden, YES! We are! It was around 11pm when they asked in the group chat, and we set off for 宝石山 at like 3.30am the next day. How impromptu was that hahahahaa!! We took a attempted to take a didi, but realised that there aren’t much drivers available at that timing. So we had to walk out to the roads and flag a cab. The climb up 宝石山 was actually not that tough, and very fun actually as there are parts where we need to climb through narrow places and the steps are like random rocks, which made the experience much more interesting than just climbing steps. Soon, we reached the peak, and our view included 西湖 too! We waited awhile for the sun to rise, but it was a little disappointing as it was quite cloudy that day, and the sunrise wasn’t really that clear. Nevertheless, the view was still worth the climb and we had great fun during this impromptu trip! 🙂



Ps: pardon my bad photography skills, and        I’m not good at editing photos, so its just raw pictures used.


Zhejiang GEELY Holding Group Co. LTD

We visited the Geely Auto Experience Centre, to see and learn more about their vehicles and how they design new products. It was really fun to see the different types of cars that have been designed to fit different uses, as well as the materials and parts they researched and developed to be used for their cars.






Climbing up 吴山

We eat a lot of food here in China, hence we need to exercise more. This explains our second mini mountain climbing trip. Once again, it was a small little mountain, but the view is great as usual. 🙂 I would say this mountain is more interesting than usual mountains as it feels more like a walk, and there are more things to see. We saw rocks that represented the different animals of the 12 zodiac signs. It was fun figuring which rock was which animal.

Theme meeting 

To end off our week, we had a meeting with our project mentor and teaching assistant, where we presented our research findings on our theme project. This shall embark the start of our project, and I feel that it was a great start as they seem rather pleased with what we presented!


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