The Past 8 Weeks

Oh, how time passes by! It has already been 8 weeks since the start of this design and technology experience and we have just passed our midway point. The past 8 weeks of learning was really an enriching and fun experience. Starting from the origami robots to the design fiction course we are now in, we have definitely improved in our designing skills i.e. photoshop, illustrator and video editing, as well as our engineering skills i.e. Arduino and C++. However, as our learning phase slowly ends, our project phase starts to become more and more demanding.

Smart Home

In my overarching theme project, Smart Home Products, we started to research on areas of a typical household that could be upgraded with a smart home product to improve the quality of life of an individual. On my part, I had to research the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the rooms that everyone in the household uses on a daily basis. Therefore, having a comfortable and user-friendly bathroom would be the utmost importance.

My task was to brainstorm potential problems that different groups of people may face as well as research on what current solutions there are in the market. However, as technology advanced and became “smarter”, it is evident to see all the smart products to be around the living room and the bedroom. Meanwhile, the bathroom remains neglected with almost no change at all. The products that I’ve found to solve problems in the bathrooms are mainly helpful designs of bathroom equipment but there was very little technology or Internet of Things (IoT) involved.

As for the weeks ahead, our theme will compile all of our ideas together and start to work on our final product which is the main project of this DATE exchange!

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