This week is our final week of lessons! We just had our final assignment for our design fiction course i.e. to make a 3-minute video of a “future robot” story, using our previous origami robot designs. I felt that this is a good rap up for our lessons here in ZJU, it encompasses our previous work the origami robots which we have already created a story using its various motions. Now adding video editing, we can use it to further exaggerate the actions of the origami! Sadly, not knowing that this video was a 1-week long assignment,  most of us have already booked train/plane tickets to travel to other parts of China during our upcoming recess week and as such, we had to rush through our assignment for the next 2 nights! Fortunately for me, I’ve got a 9hour train ride coming up right after this assignment, time to replenish my sleep from all those sleepless nights.

On the topic of recess week, this week has also been a week of preparation. As I’ll be going on a 10 days long trip to Yunnan, there was a lot to pack! Furthermore, the province of Yunnan is situated up the mountains, having an average temperature during summer below 20 degrees Celcius. I am definitely not packed for that! The thickest piece of clothing that I brought was my SUTD Sports jacket! As such this week was also a week of shopping, buying a nice new thick denim jacket which could probably be used in Singapore’s hot summer weather, and some hiking gear for all the mountains we’d be climbing, my packing list looked more or less complete!

Well, I guess this is goodbye for now. More info about Yunnan travels next week!

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