Getting our hands dirty!

The first day in SUTD Singapore, was like a dream come true for me.  I was excited to be in such a beautiful place for the event and meet the participants from different countries.

The day started off with a welcome address by the President of the University, after which we were taken on a tour around SUTD and I was a little bit overwhelmed by its size and modern design. It surely is very hard to find the way around here in the maze of this building!

Then, there was a competition brief and after that, we were introduced to our teammates. Our team had Dhanya from SUTD, Nick from MIT, Shi Tuo (who we called Stone) from China and Masaya from Japan. After the initial introductions, we got our hands dirty with workshops in Arduino and laser cutting. It was an eventful day, and we took our time getting used to the place. Dhanya was particularly helpful because of her knowledge of the place, which was a bonus.

When it was time to name our team, we decided to go with Honey Kumquat which is a bottled drink with a yellow cap that we can get in the canteen, as it was the first yellow thing we saw.

It is really a great experience to be here, and I wish for the best for my yellow Honey Kumquat team. I hope to represent my country, Morocco, and my school “ENSA Tetouan” with pride! I also wish the best for the other teams. I can’t wait to discover more about Singapore, my team, and the IDC ROBOCON.

Hajar Benzeroual

National School of Applied Science – AbdelMalek Essaâdi University

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