There are only a couple days left before the competition, and some people appear to be starting to feel the stress of the deadline!

We certainly have a long way to go before the robot is complete. We continue to work through the coding problems, and make sure that the different parts of the robot were working.  Much of the mechanical components were all together, but the servos needed to be set to the correct positions and the actuators all tested.  Again, this process took a bit longer than expected, and took a while to debug all of the problems together.

Additionally, we added an additional arm that we hope to extend across the playing field to grab the orange ball.  Hopefully we will have enough time to get it done for the competition!

Thankfully, the lab hours were extended for the night, and we are working on it until 9:30pm!  Things are slowly starting to come together, and we hope that the work will pay off in time for the competition.


Pavithren S/o V S Pakianathan

Singapore University of Technology and Design

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