We’re halfway through the second week, and it’s as if the last two days never existed. We’ve got a day to go before the final competition, and things seem to be getting completed. We’re entering the deceptively calm phase before all hell breaks loose, and it seems as if it could happen any time. Yes, I’m exaggerating. Hopefully. Fingers crossed!

It’s time to put things together, so time for relaxation is reducing, with the fab lab being open for three and a half hours longer than usual. Everyone’s rushing to try their robots on the track before the final day, and we get to see the supremely interesting mechanisms that the other teams are using while also fervently praying that ours works as well.

Testing out individual parts, bettering the code, planning out backups and discussing strategy are all things we need to focus on now. The playing of music from different countries is still happening, and we’re back to Japanese music for the second time, which is pretty uplifting for the tense mood that everyone’s currently in.

It’s been a wonderful last couple of days, and we’ve managed to find the time for impromptu jamming sessions, surprise birthdays and dinner outings.

Looking to end this week on a high!


Lakshmi Janaki Dhanya

Singapore University of Technology and Design

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