Today is field testing, and we were trying very hard to finish up our robot in time for that.

However, at field testing, our team did not perform well. In fact, we got negative points. This was because there was an error in the Bluetooth connection for our line following robot, and our robot touched the blue area multiple times, which cost us points. This was slightly disheartening, but we did not give up and headed back to the FabLab to work on our robot all the way till it closed at 9.30pm. We made some modifications to the design based on our mistakes in the trial run, and hopefully we will get a positive score tomorrow!

After a long day working on our robot, I went for dim sum with other participants. We decided to speak in Mandarin the entire time, and it was interesting to see how different Mandarin is in different places of the world. Despite being one language, the same phrase could have different meanings and connotations.

It was a long and tiring day, but I had fun and am looking forward to the finals tomorrow!


Tan Jie Hui

National Junior College

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