IDC Robocon was a great opportunity to meet people and build interesting robots. Day 2 was the day we actually started brainstorming for ideas. This was a little hard because of the language barrier and hence, we had to resort to drawings and gestures to explain what we meant. We quickly decided that we should build a base and improvise on it based on which mechanisms work.

The equipment provided was fun to use, and I learnt how to use a 3D printer. It is a very fascinating device. This competition is challenging, but it brings with it a lot of new and interesting things that we can pick up along the way. Our team has lots of talents and we hope to learn a lot from each other. One of the biggest takeaways from the event is how different people approach the same problem from different perspectives.

Ultimately we ended up modularising the robot by bringing together different methodologies, hoping that it will end up as a good and effective robot.

Looking forward to learning a lot in the next few days!

Yasaya, Ueno

Tokyo Denki University

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