Hi, I’m Masataka from Tokyo Denki University in Japan, and I’m on Team Purple Power! This is almost my first opportunity to write a sentence in English, so please forgive me if there are any typographical errors!

Today, we focused on finalising our ideas in time for the afternoon presentation to the professors.  Using sketches of our different design ideas, we discussed and presented different ideas to each other.  It was interesting to see all of the different ideas and perspectives that the members from different countries have developed.

My team is composed of members from Egypt, the United States, Korea, Singapore, and Japan. Surprisingly, one of our members from Singapore, Jie Hui, is 16 years old and the youngest Robocon participant! Amazing!

After summarising the results and thoughts within the team, we were ready for our idea presentation! Youngkyu and J made Solidworks models and sketches of our Space Robot 3D model and Orbit Robot 3D model, and we gave the presentation to the professors using them.

Singapore is much hotter than Japan, and I will do my best to adjust to this climate!


Masataka, Shinohara

Tokyo Denki University

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