Today, we are making great progress on the manufacturing and programming. Based on the two days’ designing work, we now have completed the basic framework and the storage (the structure that stores the balls) of our space robot, shown in the photo above.

Without Peng, Fong and Yoshiya’s hard work, we could never design and make these structures.

Mohamed has completed the line following program. His design works very well – the robot follows the line very quickly and smoothly. I’m very confident that with his codes, our orbit robot would be faster than the other groups’. As for me, I nearly finished the remote control codes (PWM capture), as well as the servo control codes and motion control codes. I believe that with our cooperation, we can finish both the structure and the program of the space robot, and make some progress on the orbit robot.

Singapore gives me very complex feelings. It’s really clean and highly developed.

What about the culture? Singapore is a mixture of many different cultures, I think. You can see different people and hear different languages. On my first day in Singapore, I felt very comfortable when I saw many Chinese or East Asian faces. However, all the signs around are written in English, which made me feel strange. Soon, the strange feelings faded, but there’s still a very interesting problem – to whom can I speak Mandarin here? There were some funny instances when I speak to someone in English, only to discover that he or she can speak Mandarin very well, or is a Chinese student here. Haha.

Li Bingyun

Zhejiang University

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