Today is our 5th day together, and we have been working hard on our design. Our design is starting to come to life. However, there are still some limitations to our prototype, which we have to work on next week.

Yet, Robocon is not just about robots, but also about humans. After all, it is not a daily occurrence where you have people from Egypt, Japan, Korea, US and Singapore all in one room building a robot together.

The language barrier has definitely been an obstacle, but through our gestures, sketches and google translation, we have managed to make it through.

The age gap has also been somewhat overwhelming for me too. Everyone is so much more knowledgeable, and I am learning so much from my teammates. It’s also a rare learning opportunity to interact with people outside of school.

While we work hard, we play hard too. We attended Open Mic, which was an amazing experience.

Our fellow participant, Samantha also performed and she was really cool.

Tan Jie Hui

National Junior College

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