Some of the pretty flowers we saw in Gardens by the Bay.

Saturday was a half day, which was nice. We’re pretty much done with the first robot and we now had a chance to explore Singapore! The host team came up with a plan of places to go to. We met in the afternoon and off we went!

Being the 50th year of Singapore’s independence, the roads were all decked with pretty lights and decorations which made it a perfect time to go sightseeing. We went to lots of beautiful places including City Hall, Marina Bay, and Botanic Gardens. It was lovely to see that even though there were so many pretty buildings around, preserving nature had not taken a backseat.

The famed Merlion- as pretty as everyone said it to be.
There was a live jazz performance too!

The trip was a great opportunity to get to know each other better and soak up Singapore’s culture. We ended the day with a beautiful fireworks show which was a part of Singapore’s SG50 celebrations.


Hajar Benzeroual

AbdelMalek Essaâdi University

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