It’s the weekends! During my weekends I visited Harvard and Walmart.


On the way to Harvard, I came across a  supermarket selling Asian produce. The business was run by a Korean family.

I was surprised to see that they sell durians as it is not a common fruit in America.

The place felt familiar and it made me miss home. I can see myself there often if I choose to study abroad.



Harvard Square is a triangular plaza at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and John F. Kennedy Street.

There lies the Harvard Book Store, clothing shops, accessories shops, eateries and most importantly, the Coop (a stall selling Harvard Merchandise).



The huge book store is interesting because you can sell your own books and on top of selling new books, you can purchase second-hand ones.


Jewellery Shop

This particular shop caught my eye because their jewellery are designed and hand made by artists all over the world.

Their jewellery are made from unique materials from countries such as Africa, Bali, New Zealand, etc.


A store selling Harvard Merchandise

The COOP is one of the largest college campus bookstores, an important resource for local students and their families to purchase textbooks, college logo merchandise, dorm room necessities, and so on.

The items there are expensive, with their famous pullovers starting from 60 USD.



Harvard Yard is a pristine grassy area of about 25 acres (10 ha) located in the center of the university property. It is the oldest area of this prestigious Ivy League college and encompasses a few dozen of the university’s longest-standing buildings, including both dormitories, and academic and administrative buildings.



There are many Walmart’s across United States and I went to the one located at Quincy.

It was a two hours journey from MIT campus.

To get to the Walmart at Quincy, I took the Subway from Central Station. Central Station is a 15 minutes walk north from MIT Campus.

The subway is pretty complicated as the trains (in a single rail) head toward different end destinations.

For example, in the same rail, there would be trains with different end destination;  Ashmont and Braintree.

The subway is pretty affordable ($2 USD per Single Trip) The trains are clean and there are workers there to help you plan your destination.


It was exactly like in movies, a huge parking place in front of the supermarket.

The Walmart was everything I expected to be; affordable and huge.

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