The days have passed by surprisingly fast and we are already on the third week of the ALP journey. We started this week by a meeting with our TA, our mentoring prof, and our supporting company. As expected, we were asked to gather in a new location, which we later found to be the new workplace for the supporting company; this time to discuss about the MO platform developed by the supporting company ( We will be using this platform to develop our AI models.

As usual, we headed out from our hostel one and a half hour before the scheduled time as the journey there might not be as smooth as anticipated.

Our journey to the train station was quite unique as it was filled with the “zombieland” vibe. We realized that we might have headed out too early as we reached the meeting place 30 minutes ahead of time.

Our arrival

Finally meeting our mentors

We realized then that we might have to spend most of our times in this new workplace and that we might be often required to travel out of the university; but luckily for us, we can claim our taxi fees.

Serious discussion with the supporting company

Brief break with our leader enjoying herself with free ice cream

We had assumed that this week would be a very busy week for us as the week had started with a meeting. The week turned out to be a very relaxing week with a task from our mentors; possibly to be discussed the following week.

Self Learning Week!!
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