I went to From Yuhang Rong Design Library. We went with 4 other students from NUS who came to ZJU for a short exchange about material design.

The library was very different from what I expected (I think we might be gone to the wrong place since it looked totally different from what I saw from Google search). Nevertheless, the library was pretty interesting. It displays many traditional materials and artworks made from plant parts, construction materials, animals etc. It serves as a place where designers can draw inspiration from. One of the interesting display was a series of peach artwork, created using different sewing/stitching methods (too amazing that I forgot to take a photo).

The chair is made of paper except for the seat itself

Beautiful lamp in which I wonder about the pattern when lighted up






The various key stages of making the pattern on the lacquerware were shown

I found the roof of the library to be cool since it was made of wood haha


And yup, I went to Alibaba again. I’ve no idea why I did that, my brain probably wasn’t thinking properly when I signed up. Same as the previous visit to Alibaba, we went to the visitor centre, Alicool souvenir shop and also listened to the presentation by the Alibaba Design representative.

Of course, this was not a wasted trip as I learnt more about the Alibaba culture, especially the 武侠 part.

It was one of the figurines in the gym

A blur photo I took while on a bike. They are the best bikes I have ever ridden on

An explanation in Chinese as to why Alibaba has the culture of having nicknames. Even the visitors have them too

Other than these two trips, I was mainly completing the ALP requirements – writing report, figuring out codes and trying to import python libraries. I guess I would be doing that till ALP ends. Two more weeks to go!

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