We went down to Hushu School for our CIP program on Monday. It is a school for children with special needs and we get to interact with the kids there as well as teach English to them in the next few weeks. Monday is when they have CCAs so me, Alethea, Sab and Matthew joined them in colouring for art class. I coloured a drawing of Donald Duck, the girls were imitating and laughing at Donald’s pose.

Photo credits to Matthew!

The school is organizing a carnival in celebration of Children’s Day on 29 May.  After helping out at art class the children were dismissed but we stayed behind to rehearse our song and dance. Haha I hope the kids will enjoy our performance and carnival games

My friends and I visited the Former Residence of Hu Xue Yan over the weekend and Hu Xue Yan was one rich man. There are many symbols of money and power in the designs of his mansion, such as the hand holding the ring on all the doors which symbolizes having authority.

And he liked rocks, seriously. There were decorative pieces, rocks in gardens that you can climb over, caves to walk into.

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