Besides all the formal stuff that I do. Here are some of the more personal things that I do on a day to day basis. Sometimes I bump into random things that I find fascinating and that needs sharing, or I just want to share some random things that I have done in China.

Our ZheJiang Hostel kitten! Damn cute I swear. Sometimes I go downstairs just to play with her using a stick and my hands.

A random cat I saw while on the way to Frisbee training. It looks fierce, but it’s actually quite friendly

A pizza food outlet that we went to eat at HouJie there. And my Friend, Hock decided to pose as a bouncer outside this exclusive room we were sitting in. Looks like some shady event is going on…

food is damn cheap, and it’s relatively decent. This meal costs around 10 yuan, which roughly is around SG$2 only!
KTV is also damn cheap. But ‘Damn shiokk’ as my friend Jing Jie would say
These bananas are huge! Even bigger then the water melons…
Our skype session with the Frisbee team back in Singapore!
While eating BBQ food near the university, we saw fireworks in the distance. Fireworks seems to be a normal daily occurrence in China.
During one of the rainy days, there were swamps of insects hovering around the light so that they could dry their wings. Insects in large numbers can be quite frightening
Lessons in China
The rain is sometimes unforgiving in China
We met our prof, Hyowon at the Uni! 😀
IDI, the place where our theme projects are held at, covered in haze.
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I am a sporty kind of person, I enjoy running and playing Ultimate Frisbee! I also enjoy traveling a lot, I just want to experience what I can in this life that I have. That's also why I enjoy taking photos, so that I can capture moments taken for granted by many. Taking photos has been something I have done both leisurely and for part time work for more than 7 years. Since young it has always given me much happiness to help people in whatever way I can!


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