We all have those times where we are thrown into deep ends and kinda left to fend for yourself. At first, this honestly felt like one of those times. When I look back at all the journeys I have been on, it was never for this long and I always had family or the closest of friends with me.

This time, it is not just a venture that is miles from the strongest of my support systems, but way too far outside my comfort zone for way too long. A new land, many new adventures and many new faces. The way of uncertainty hit me like, “Well… this just got a whole lot more interesting…”

Feelings I had dissipated with the support my peers gave. I guess by being aliens together in a foreign land, I really get to see the best in my peers. Despite being such a big group, I do see many of us putting in the effort to look out for one another and it is really encouraging, considering many of us still are so unfamiliar with each other. Feels like a good day 1 and I really hope it only gets better from here.

Here’s a a great start and an even better finish!

5th May departure squad @ Changi Airport

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