Hello! Welcome back to the adventure or misadventure of our group in Sichuan. Timo here and I shall be sharing on our trip up to the mountains! A trip that I love a ton!

Nature was something I always appreciate the most. It invigorates a sense tranquility within me, and having to be away from urban air and space is quite a refreshing change. How did we get up to the mountains? We took a bus. A bus we hired to take us along the whole trip. The trip there took about 8 hours or more, if I recall correctly, probably more. The trip up got bouncier and bouncier as the roads are less maintained. However, as we slowly get pass the urban landscape and into the outskirts of town, the view was astounding. What got us to interact with the mountainous landscape more was a landslide that occurred during our trip up. We stopped a lot more, sat about the railing of the road, and slowly took in all the air and environment that surround us. (Sadly the air is thinner up there, so took in less air.) The goats, the sheeps, the horses all stood at the side of the road, minding their own business, neighing while chewing on the grass. This is a sight that will never be seen in urban landscapes, and I love the sound of nature around me.

We took our time to get to the hostel. It took a while though as the landslide caused the traffic to slow down a ton. We got to what seems to be a small town, drove up and checked in to our hostel. It was a cozy hostel with a nice gathering area on the first floor – for dining and chilling, while the upstairs had shared rooms and hotel rooms for two. I took the liberty to explore the town a little more on my own and tried to ease some of the stress that was held up within me. However, I did not know how much of a ruckus I caused without informing someone about my whereabouts. Haha, my bad guys. Any way, upon return, I bought a road side barbecued lamb. It looked like a shady side shop, a grill made of just a metal bin at the bottom for charcoal and a metal grid sitting on top of it, no signs no indication of business. When I bought and ate the lamb, OH MY GOSH, it was the best lamb I have eaten my whole life. Really, I am not kidding. The meat is tender, the juice and the flavour was never tasted before. It felt so raw and authentic good meat. It was the meat of a goat reared from the mountain tops. No procession done unto it. Was good quality meat. I would definitely eat something like that again.

Any way, I shall cut all the adventure I had on Sichuan mountains and move it on to the following post! See you there! 🙂

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