Welcome to the last post of ALP! It is quite a sad to have to return back to Singapore’s fast paced life, but China has been amazing so far, from the cashless transactions to the convenience of bike rental and food delivery, what’s not to love about China. Anyway, welcome to the blog post, Timo here and shall be talking about my final thoughts on the whole trip itself, and a wrap up for my position as the leader/coordinator for the trip.

The entirety of ALP was quite fun, enjoyable and one where I learnt a lot. Would like to show my appreciation for my theme member. Kenji being the director for video making, while I edited it. Alex did a splendid presentation for our product and Jiayee did the final poster. Joey coordinated the team’s plan really well, while Zhou Zhi and Edmund did most of the work with regards to the product coding. Theme 7 team was quite fun to work with honestly, they were amazing people. Not forgetting the people in ALP were amazing people! They were friendly, warm and helpful in whatever way possible, and I would not have it any other way. Especially the professors there coordinating with me, Wu Laoshi. She was super understanding with my struggle in Chinese and even gave me the option to talk to me in English.

I think one thing I took away most was me as a leader and what I could work on as a person. It has shone me what style of leadership I took up, and how I treat people and situations. From being a person that always tries to understand other’s perspective on each matter, it made working with people much more seamless, as no barriers are there where conflict arises. However, one of the biggest struggle I have is my responsibility to keep up with events that are happening around me. How much do I keep track of the people around me, and what resources or what do I need to provide for people and the people in charge to at least get the necessary information across to each group of people. That was something I felt I lacked as a leader, and it is something I learnt more when it comes to leading.

Anyway, I would like to thank everyone for making ALP an amazing experience. The friends I made, the times we laughed, the times we struggled with work and the adventures we have had along the way. I wouldn’t have asked for anything more! Hope to see everyone on future meet up or around school, and maybe work with you when the time comes! See you around, and thanks for reading!

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