DATE 2019 Theme 7 Week 2: Culture Experience Activity to Ningbo Fotile and Shinning3d

19th May 2019 - 26th May 2019

Ningbo Fotile Kitchen Ware Co.Ltd

Company Visit to Ningbo Fotile Kitchen Ware Co.Ltd

When thinking about Kitchenware, the first things that come to mind are knives and cooking pots. However, after viewing what Ningbo Fotile offered, it changed my view on how kitchen wares are supposed to be. Instead of focusing on regular cooking tools, they specialized in designing to improve the cooking environment such as automated fume hood and stove area.

After being exposed to the varies system that Fotile offered, it reminds us not to just focus on the little detail of any issue but to understand the bigger picture. Example, Fotile would focus on the system of how varies kitchen equipment work together then they would analysis and innovate the individual components such as the current strove and hood to make it a more reliable system.

Overall, the tour in Ningbo Fotile Kitchen Ware Co.Ltd is an eye-opener and would recommend anyone who is interested in product design to have a look at their company.

Company Visit to Shinning3d Tech.Co.Ltd

Shinning3d Tech.Co.Ltd Reception Area

The thing that wowed us when entering Shinning3d Tech was the big 3D printed map of the world.  We were not expecting it was possible to 3D print such a huge scale object. As some of us had seen are the size of an adult human and that already very impressive. However, the display at Shinning3d Tech was on a whole other level.

Apart from printing large scale models and industry products for companies, ranging from motor vehicles to product production companies. They also provide their service to the medical field, using living cells to print body parts like ears or noses. These parts would then be used in medical experiments, decreasing the number of animal experiments. However, this would raise human ethic issues of producing human body parts.

Skull Surgery Model using 3D Printing

Moreover, we believe that 3D printing would be a crucial part of Medical Felid as its technology advances. As in the future, we should be able to 3D print internal organs which would be able to prolong or save a person life without waiting for donors.

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