DATE 2019 Theme 7 Week 8: Shopping @ 武林门 (WuLinMen) & 夜市 (Night Market)

1st July - 7th July 2019



武林门 (WuLinMen) is a shopping district near 西湖(XiHu) which is filled with big shopping malls. Even Singapore’s biggest shopping malls would be considered an average sized compared the those at WuLinMen.  There are even malls which are only filled with restaurants ranging from fast food to high-class restaurants. This cause the Singaporean in us spoiled for choice.

To 武林门(WuLinMen)

From Zhejiang, Zi-jin-gang campus, it is possible to take the Metro (their version of MRT) to WuLinMen. I find their overall train transport system is similar to what we have in Singapore. However, there are a few areas that they handled better than Singapore. For example,  the payment process for the train ride uses the QR code from Alipay which make it a more convenient process. As using Alipay to pay for the trip would reduce the trouble to top up the card.

What else?

武林门 Light Show

Other than shopping and eating, the night city lights is another thing to look out for. There is also a light show which is a must-see for those first time at WuLinMen. There are two scheduled time slots around 1930 and 2030. Apart from seeing the beautiful light show, there are also night markets near the central shopping district.

(Date of Trip DATE 2019 Week 4, 8th June 2019 for WuLinMen)

夜市(Night market)

夜市 Stuff

The 夜市(night market) was like our BaShaMaLam in Singapore. Most of their store sells small toys or accessories. There are also food stores which sold food which not limited to the usual street food like 鸡扒( chicken cult ) or milk tea but also exotic food as well.

夜市 Friends

The exotic food ranges from grasshoppers to scorpions to lizards. Some of us rise to the challenge and tried the insects such as the fried scorpions and fried silkworm. I tried the fried scorpions and it tasted like chicken potatoes chips, which was not bad. However, there were some who tried the fried silkworm as well. They described it to be crispy but because of the insect juice from the worm made it unbearable to swallow.

Special Thanks to those in the Photos

(Date of Trip DATE 2019 Week 4, 3rd June 2019 for Night Market)

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