The Bund Ride

The Bund

Continuing from last week post about the Shanghai trip, this post would be about the second location that I found I enjoyed the most.

The place is called the Bund, which is one of the most iconic areas in Shanghai. Where filmmakers or movie directors would film. Although, it is a view of the city skyline similar to the view at Clarke Quay or the Marina Bay. But due to the size of the bay area, the view was simply breath-taking.

Tickets and Around the Bund


Fooling Ard

We went to purchase the tickets at around 4 pm. However, as it was recommended to take the ferry around 7 pm.  As we would be able to experience and see the change of the evening scenery to the night scenery. Hence, we spend our time walking along the Bund to look at the exquisite building from the past. The building was made with a lot of details and was well-maintained with restoration works. It retained its’ olden architectural at the same time looking new. We also made our way to one of the few big shopping districts within the area to be amazed by the deals within the area. Time flew by very fast as we saw and explore new areas. Soon it was almost 7 pm, we processed to the bay area to board the ferry.

Shanghai Neighbourhood

The Ferry Ride

The ferry was about three stories high. On the first level, there were chairs arranged in three rows. The next floor, there was a restaurant where the customer would have to pay to enter, hence it was empty. On the top, it was an open concept, with no glass window to block the photos been taken. Hence, most people would swamp to this location and squeeze to the perimeter of the ferry hoping to get an unobstructed view for the best photo. However, the best position for pictures on the third floor was a pay to enter area like the second floor. Since it was rather expensive, so we decided to squeeze with the coward and fight for the other best picture location.

The ride was about an hour long and it was magically beautiful as the day transition to nightfall. Moreover, being on the ferry, allowed us to be able to better appreciate the beauty of skyline in a closer distance.

Shanghai Recommendations

Walking in the Streets of Shanghai

Overall, I would recommend highly recommend tourist in Shanghai to visit the Happy Valley and the Bund at least once. They can also visit the old street which is like Singapore’s Bugis Street or visit Shanghai’s National Museum which is free with a variety of exhibits.

Special Thanks to those in the Photos

(Date of Trip DATE 2019 Week 6, 20th – 23rd June 2019)

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