Main Entrance to 九乡溶洞(Juixiang)

During the recess week from week 9 and 10, a small group of us decided to go trip to Yunnan to escape the hot and humid weather of Hangzhou. We went to Kunming, Lijiang, and Xianggelila. However, I writing my experience in Kunming. This is the first part of two-part entries which provides a brief summary of the places in Kunming, the city in Yunnan, to showcase what Yunnan has to offer.


On the second day of our trip, we got a public bus to 九乡溶洞(Juixiang) from the west bus station. On the way there, the bus would pick up people from the roadside. This was surprised me as there was no destinated pick up area like in Singapore. Their locales just flagged for the bus and it would just stop to pick them up for a fee.

Taking Pics at 九乡溶洞(Juixiang)

Upon reaching 九乡溶洞(Juixiang), I thought that it was more of a forest/ riverside nature park. But as my group venture into the attraction, I  realized it was more of a cave park. It is a beautiful place with limestone and various stone formations. The cave was so big that it was able to contain a large number of visitors that they had. We also took hours to walk from one end to another.  Apart from the long-distance, we were climbing upwards inside the cave. However, the walk was worth it as there are different scenes in every area.

Once we were at the top of the cave, we took a ski-lift down. The view down was a sight to see as we overlooked the surrounding area of the cave. We were also able to see the distance we had walked and it was a long way from the entrance.


Lake view at 石林(Shilin)

Next on our list would be石林(Shilin), which is also known as the stone forest. For us to get there, we had to either take the public bus to another bus station or a privately hired car. As it was about to rain, we decided that it would be a more convenient choice to get the car option. On the way to the entrance, there were uniquely placed stone shaped like mini-mountains in a larger pound. It gave a rather Zen feeling to the whole place, making it look like scenes from Chinese movies.

When we were entering Shilin, a lot of visitors were leaving the place. Hence, I expected that there would be a lesser amount of people. However, as we walked to the iconic spot, the number of people got more and more, to the point, there were too many people.

Taking Pics at 石林(Shilin)

But luckily for us, we were able to find a scenic area which had not one and it was a fantastic place for photo taking. As we spend too much time within the area taking photos, we decided to extend our stay within Shilin since we had not explored much of the park. Even though, we extended our stay, we did not have enough time to finish exploring the whole park. But we still came across some unique areas which are really beautiful, interesting and a real challenge to walk.

It was rather late when we left Shilin, hence we could not get any public bus back to the west bus station to reach back our accommodations. In order for us to return, we had to take a ride to Shilin Train West station to get a bullet train back. From there we had Dinner at Kunming South Station before taking the metro back to our lodging.

Next week would be more of a continuation of my trip in Kunming, please forward to that entry.

Special Thanks to those in the Photos

(Date of 2nd Day of Yunnan Trip DATE 2019 Week 9, 13th July 2019)

(Date of Whole Yunnan Trip DATE 2019 Week 9/10, 12th – 21st July 2019)

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