So it has finally come to an end. Our 13 weeks here in ZheJiang University, with the first half focusing on the 2 modules Design Expression and Design Fiction, and the second half of our stay focusing on our Theme projects. I had my ups and downs with the courses, but the theme project was completely enjoyable and I loved every minute spent on it.

For those who are unaware, our theme 9 focuses on last mile delivery here in China, and we are partnered with CaiNiao, the biggest logistics company in China. At the start of the program in May, we were tasked to research on the last-mile delivery system here, and to brainstorm on how to further improve it. We eventually settled for 2 ideas, and thus split ourselves into 2 sub themes, namely 菜鸟屋,and 菜鸟飞鹰.








All of us put in so much effort into this project, and really tailored the product into our own unique solution. The professor and TAs were very understanding in this aspect, giving us lots of freedom as to how we want to design the product, while giving us constructive and useful feedback. To me, it was a much better 3.007. Everyone really felt like this was our product, and because of that, the amount of effort and dedication put in was not just worth it, but utterly enjoyable. I will miss the late nights at YueYa building, often going past 12 midnight, then walking back together telling each other ghosts stories because of the 7th month. I will miss the dinners we had together, often venturing out further for good food to treat ourselves for our hard work that day.

Finally it came to the day of presentation. We decided to take it a step further, and turn the start into a skit! We also had live demos on stage, and we were all so nervous, hoping that everything would go smoothly. It did, and we managed to clinch first place!

It was a great day indeed and I am so thankful for all these groupmates who were here with me throughout the program, and helping to cover for me during the long recess week break when I went travelling 😊

That day was particularly special, as it was the start of the deadly super typhoon Lekima! We braved the strong winds and rain to get to our dinner place at the hotel nearby.
The dinner was pretty good, worth braving the typhoon.

All in all, it was a great time spent during this DATE program and I wouldn’t have done it with anyone else!

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