DATE 2019 Week 7: The 湖墅学校(HuShu School) Experience Part 1

24th June - 30th June 2019

Recee Trip meeting

The Recee Trip

Recee Trip

For the first trip to湖墅学校 (WuShu school), was to recee and confirm the lessons plans based on the available facilities. The trip was also to discuss what would be the suitable activities for the students in Wushu.

Upon reaching, I was surprised by the level of security they had compared to the schools in Singapore. But apart from tighter security, it looked like a normal school. However, it is a school catered for the mentally and physically disabled children.

We were then introduced to Teacher 柴(cai) and 吴(wu).  During the discussion, the teachers stated that the students preferred to dance. This was due to last year dance session which our seniors conducted which was well received. After the recee trip, we decided to interact with different age groups for each of the session. As for the activities, we decided on baking with origamis, frisbee, and dance.

(Date of Trip DATE 2019 Week 1,  16th May 2019)

TFI 1st Lesson: Baking and Origami

1st Lesson Baking

For the first session, we conducted baking and origami lessons, students aged thirteen to fifteen. We had to split the level into the origami and baking activity, as the kitchen is too small. I was in the origami team where we also taught the students to fold origami and braiding.

Having experience of teaching children around the Wushu student age. I thought I would have an easier time interacting with the Wushu students. However, it turns out different compared to what I had experienced.

1st Lesson Origami

The challenge when teaching the Wushu students was to retain their attention. As their attention span is much shorter than normal students and would wander from their seats. This made it more mentally and physically straining while we trying to grab their attention. However, it was much more satisfactory for teaching them. After the first session, we presented each of the students with a bracelet that we personally braided. We also offered the teachers some pastries which were we made with the Wushu students.

From the first interaction with the students, I felt we should interact with the students more. As we were doing the task for them, instead of doing the activity with them. Hopefully, in the next session, we would be able to improve the experience of the lesson for the students.

To Be Continue…

(Date of Trip DATE 2019 Week 2,  24th May 2019)

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